DescriptionThis plugin provides a flexible way to add authorization to Rails.
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Have you considered packing it as a gem for Rails 3+?

If not, I will do it now.

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I have defined following constants in the config/application.rb present inside my rails3 application which are required for authorization plugin (used for access control)
AUTHORIZATION_MIXIN = "object roles"
LOGIN_REQUIRED_REDIRECTION = { :controller => '/homes', :action => 'index' }
PERMISSION_DENIED_REDIRECTION = {:controller => '/homes', :action => 'new'}
These constants added in the rails3 application's application.rb (or environment.rb) are not accessible inside the authorization plugin

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when i create a role like "bob.is_member_of ruby_meetup" i'd like to present on the membership list page the date on which bob became a member like "bob has been a member since 8/22/2009". i couldn't find a simple way of accessing that time stamp. i'd be more than happy to fork and add it myself if you could suggest the logical place for it. thanks.

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Whenever I try to delete an object that accepts a role, I get:

`ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'id' in 'where clause': DELETE FROM`roles_users`WHERE (`id`IN (NULL))`

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We use this and needed it as a gem. I added a gemspec and moved initialization to lib/authorization. There is now a gem on called authorization. I am happy to make you owner if you would like.

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